Sons of Anarchy #15

Hi there!!
My first SOA cover coming this November from Boom studios !!
More on the way!

Preview of the first 4 pages from “Sons of the devil”! Written by Brian Buccellato. We have currently 70% funded and only 8 days to go…!!! :’). THANKS again to everyone who is sharing or backing the project!

The kickstarter is now LIVE!!

Sons of the devil is a transmedia, a comic book and a short film by Brian Buccellato, a comic book and screenwriter who works mostly on dc (Detective comics, Flash…). And I’m the artist for the 32pg comic book. So check it out and spread the word!!
There is some concepts and a page already, but stay tuned for further updates!

Kickstarter news coming later today!! Stay Tuned!

Kickstarter news coming later today!! Stay Tuned!

Commission for The Agents, a strategic card game that it’s already a hit on Kickstarter! This print will be available as one of the rewards you can get with the game.

Take a look, and don’t forget to check out the work of Danny Morison who is doing a great job illustrating the game, and the prints of the other amazing artists!!

Just 60 hours to go!!

Comission cover done few weeks ago for the upcoming webcomic “Akihiro” by Jourdan McLain and Jose Garcia . It was fun to play with the movement of the clothes and all those patterns!

a random guy.. warm up sketch from today.

Hi there! You can watch now online the full Short Film of Kiss of Vengeance. Where I did some illustrations for the opening and ending credits.
There is a badass girl seeking for retribution along as a ninja and some bad guys…  So what can be better! .


based on the characters of Den Zelo, a short comic story of Mado Peña
Go check out her comic pages!!!

Carrie Mathison - Homeland.

I just watched the third season, and as many of you think, only have 3 good episodes. That’s too bad.. I really enjoyed the two first seasons and loved all the main characters. Especially Carrie and Saul.

I think we all are afraid for what are they going to do with the next season…..

By the way, hope you can find a “easter egg” in relation to the last episode :)